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Welcome to my list of the top female body builders in the world today. Maybe you don't know their names, but once seen, their huge sexy muscular buff bodies won't be soon forgotten! Many of these "buff babes" and "fitness chicks" got into body building and muscle training as a way of staying fit, but soon got into the more extreme and interesting facets of the sport. And having such a heavy emphasis on the physical and visual element of the female body, it was only natural that they would soon graviate towards performing in what is now coined "Muscle Girl Porn" or simply "Buff Girl Sex" for the mutual enjoyment of their audiences, both male and female.

In their exciting and arousing erotic and sometimes very hardcore sex pictures and movies, these lovely women are advancing the concept of the sexy female body builder and and raising the bar for what constitutes an ideal for the ultimate beautiful feminine body in today's image-conscious culture! Gone are the days when drudgery in the gym meant only a shot at the title of some poorly-promoted female body building contest. Today's female body builders enjoy a world-wide reputation for sensual beauty and can enjoy careers in various media outlets from television to movies and beyond as evidenced by the hordes of fans they now garner.

Of course the idea of such strong and sexually vibrant women being in obvious control of their lives and surroundings has generated a whole revolution in the idea of what's sexy and acceptable in the bedroom. Female domination has always held an allure in the human psyche, and with the emergence of professional female body building, the idea of a "Muscle Dominatrix" has now entered the lexicon of human sexual practices and fetishes.

And to follow the delicious notion of female power and enlightenment, there are even female body builders who run their own "Muscle Women Phone Sex" and "Buff Babes Phone Sex" services which are totally owned and operated by sexually-liberated women who enjoy both the gym and the erotic excitement of personal telephone sexual fantasy sessions about their chosen fitness/muscle lifestyles!

So you can see. It really has become the time to salute and appreciate the beautiful women of modern muscle and fitness - and to say to all the top female body builders out there - WELL DONE!
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